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AVRIL 2021

Sky 2

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JUIN 2021

Salut,  merci beaucoup d’être venu voir mon beau garçon Sky hier, c’était agréable de vous rencontrer tous les deux. Comme promis, voici quelques photos de mon beau garçon en forme de cœur à partager avec le refuge. Il vit sa meilleure vie.

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JUIN 2023

Hi Ulrike
I hope this finds you well.
Just wanted to give you an update on Sky and maybe you can share with the rest of the ladies working at Sans. 
In April marked 2 years that he's been with me, and he's really such an absolute joy, I love him so much. He is so smart and I spend my days out on adventures with him.
He loves to be on the stand up paddle board but he still doesn't enjoy swimming so much, instead he  loves to catch the water out the hose pipe and get wet that way.
I hope when you come down to Antibes again you will let us know, we would love to meet you for a coffee. 
He is a really good boy, gets along with all dogs and loves to be chased through the parks where he enjoys Zoomies.
I have attached a fee pictures for you to have a look at and to show the others.
Much love and regards from us all
Daniela & Sky 

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